Lake Michigan

Besides all of the inherently great aspects of living in Wisconsin – beautiful sunny summers, white winterland winters, cheese – Lake Michigan is among our greatest elements. Moreso than almost any city in the Midwest or anywhere, Milwaukee is a water city .Whether you want to kayak down one of our three main rivers, surf Lake Michigan, or throw some back at the Lakefront Brewery, we’ve got you covered.  

Because include Bradford, Big Bay, Atwater, South Shore, Klode, Grant Park, and Doctors – among others. Each of these Midwest idyllic enclaves features its own personality, its own amenities (or intentional lack thereof) and free goddamn parking! Tell your Los Angeles friends about that!  

So while we often hesitate to go with the Third Coast nomenclature for our city, it’s apt and we’ll happily use it if it convinces you to come visit! 

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