It’s not pejorative or insulting to associate Wisconsin with Cheese – Wisconsiners are more than happy to do this! We’ve got cheese mart where a cheesemonger can walk you through the offerings, share tastes with you, and put together cheese plates if you request. We have urban creameries where you can see the cheese-making in action. And we have cheese curds by the basket in every bar in town.  

I prefer mine with ranch dressing but I’m a true Midwesterner and I have the acquired taste (and stomach) for it! This may take you a trip or two but you gotta try it!  

Whether you’re looking for a cheese plate, a cheese mart, a cheese menu, or a literal cheese castle – Milwaukee will have what you’re looking for and then some.  

You don’t have to brie from here to expect cheddar cheese selections! They’re all gouda nuff for me!