Red State Blue State

Wisconsin has historically been pretty purple with the same number of democrats and republicans winning the state in presidential elections. One reason we’re encouraging so many folks to move to Milwaukee is to attract more progressives to put us on equal footing with our Chicago city neighbors Chicago and Minneapolis.  

We want progressive voters in our city both to turn our state blue(r) and to bring in professionals who can help our workforce cater better to different marginalized folks. We are looking for folks to help desegregate our city, to advocate for POCs who have long been treated as political pawns and bartering tokens, and to broaden our civic services to offer more seats at the decision making tables.  

Not all of Wisconsin is under the thumb of Scott Walker. Come help us prove it! 


Many of my fellow Wisconsiners would be angry with me for even daring to mention Chicago. There is a common misconception that Milwaukee is not much more than a suburb of Chicago. Until recently, this was a common refrain from Chicago-folk – many of whom eventually decided to have families and move to a more affordable city…. like…. Milwaukee.  

With comparable incomes, significantly lower cost of living, lower crime rates, and better schools, Milwaukee is a natural choice for folks who grow out of Chicago but still want an urban feel.  

And recently, the tourism board of Milwaukee started an ad campaign targeting these people – during their commutes specifically. It was aggressive. We loved it.  

All that said, Chicago is a quick 90-minute train ride away so it’s a fun place to visit for a day or two! If only to remind you why you live in Milwaukee in the first place! 

Sister City

We have a sister city of Mobile, Alabama. Two cities with family values, access to water, and exceptional law practices – we are proud to join forces with the Hadley Law Firm to share stories, resources, tools and organizational affiliations.  

We are aware that many of our unemployment cases are similar, but there is the occasional outlier that doesn’t really look like any other cases we’ve seen. We’re happy to companion with other law firms in the country to work through these particular cases and deliver great care, guidance and patience to our clients. Being unemployed is difficult enough, your attorney should be able to meet all of your legal needs so you can focus on your health and your family. 


Yes, I know I just talked about cheese so you probably think I’m cultured out but I mean art and literature. The Milwaukee Art Museum is a breathtaking lakefront building home to 30,000 works of art hosting almost half a million visitors every year with a collection dating back over a hundred years. The building itself is an architectural landmark made up for three buildings:  

War Memorial Center was finished in 1957 – a modernist building shaped like a cross with wings spreading from a central base. The Quadracci Pavillion features 90-foot high class ceilings, a moveable sun screen with a 217-foot wingspan, and a pedestrian suspension bridge connecting the museum back to the city. And The Cudahy Gardens is a network of gardens, plazas and fountains and a perfect place to walk quietly in contemplation! 


It’s not pejorative or insulting to associate Wisconsin with Cheese – Wisconsiners are more than happy to do this! We’ve got cheese mart where a cheesemonger can walk you through the offerings, share tastes with you, and put together cheese plates if you request. We have urban creameries where you can see the cheese-making in action. And we have cheese curds by the basket in every bar in town.  

I prefer mine with ranch dressing but I’m a true Midwesterner and I have the acquired taste (and stomach) for it! This may take you a trip or two but you gotta try it!  

Whether you’re looking for a cheese plate, a cheese mart, a cheese menu, or a literal cheese castle – Milwaukee will have what you’re looking for and then some.  

You don’t have to brie from here to expect cheddar cheese selections! They’re all gouda nuff for me! 


You can’t really talk about Wisconsin – and Milwaukee specifically – without the conversation quickly devolves into your and your friends arguing over the best brewery. After all, Pabst did win their BLUE GODDAMN RIBBON here!  

So why are we so beer-centric as a city? Well, our small population made us a great place to start brewing beer in the Midwest due to the amount of space. We were able to get a headstart on the United States Brewery Race. The proximity of the lake was helpful in transporting our beer. For example, our beer sales basically exploded when Chicago had their great fire of 1871. Their homes may have burned down, but they still needed a quick way to get beer brought in! And finally, our beer craftsmen (yes, mostly men back then, sorry) were great businessmen as well and turned small family craft breweries into huge American companies.  

We did make the champagne of beers – not even the French can say that! 

Lake Michigan

Besides all of the inherently great aspects of living in Wisconsin – beautiful sunny summers, white winterland winters, cheese – Lake Michigan is among our greatest elements. Moreso than almost any city in the Midwest or anywhere, Milwaukee is a water city .Whether you want to kayak down one of our three main rivers, surf Lake Michigan, or throw some back at the Lakefront Brewery, we’ve got you covered.  

Because include Bradford, Big Bay, Atwater, South Shore, Klode, Grant Park, and Doctors – among others. Each of these Midwest idyllic enclaves features its own personality, its own amenities (or intentional lack thereof) and free goddamn parking! Tell your Los Angeles friends about that!  

So while we often hesitate to go with the Third Coast nomenclature for our city, it’s apt and we’ll happily use it if it convinces you to come visit! 

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